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Working in 2 countries, Spain and Ukraine we put the most disadvantaged families with children first, helping them to survive and learn. Find out more about our work in the About us section.

As a dedicated non-profit organization, Casa Ucrania Foundation extends its support to Ukrainian refugees and individuals in need through a wide range of programs and initiatives. With a focus on providing humanitarian aid, legal support, and volunteering, we work tirelessly to empower and assist those Ukrainian citizens affected by the war situation in Ukraine.



In Spain, particularly in Barcelona and across Catalonia, Casa Ucrania Foundation is actively engaged in supporting Ukrainian families who have sought refuge.


We provide comprehensive assistance to migrants, displaced persons, and refugees of Ukrainian nationality residing in Spain, ensuring they have access to basic rights and opportunities for a dignified life.


Our commitment to empowering Ukrainian families in Spain encompasses various areas, including Law Support.



In addition to our work in Spain, Casa Ucrania Foundation extends its reach to Ukraine, where the conflict has created urgent needs for humanitarian aid.


We are dedicated to providing essential support to Ukrainian nationals facing emergency situations within the country.


Through our humanitarian aid initiatives, we deliver food, medicine, shelter, and other crucial resources to those affected by the conflict, helping alleviate suffering and restore hope.

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