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As a dedicated non-profit organization, Casa Ucrania Foundation is committed to providing opportunities for a dignified life and essential support to displaced persons, migrants, and refugees of Ukrainian nationality.


Our mission is to ensure access to basic rights and empower Ukrainian families, not only in Spain (Catalonia) and the rest of the European Union but also in Ukrainian nationals facing emergency situations in Ukraine.

Through various initiatives, Casa Ucrania Foundation seeks to mobilize solidarity within Catalan and Spanish society and the international community in support of the inclusion and general well-being of the Ukrainian people. We believe in the power of collective action and engagement to create a brighter future.

Your contribution can help us make a difference through the following projects:


Sponsor Children in Their Educational Journey (Barcelona-Ukraine):

Education is key to empowering future generations. By sponsoring children through Casa Ucrania Foundation, you provide them with access to quality education, enabling the development of skills, knowledge, and opportunities for a better future. Education as a Pathway: Supporting Children's Return to School is one of our primary focuses, believing in the transformative power of education to break the cycle of adversity.


Volunteer Mobilization & Volunteers Support  (Barcelona-Ukraine):  

Community Engagement for Impact is at the heart of Casa Ucrania Foundation's approach. We actively mobilize volunteer groups in various activities and campaigns. Volunteers play a crucial role in our efforts. By supporting our volunteer programs, you enable us to provide direct assistance, companionship, and support to Ukrainian refugees in Barcelona and Ukraine. Together, we can make a positive impact on their lives and help them integrate into new communities.


Providing basic daily essentials & Legal Guidance (Barcelona-Ukraine): 

We aim to ensure that Ukrainian families have their basic needs met. Your support can help us provide essential items such as food, clothing, hygiene products, and other necessities, bringing comfort and stability to those in need. Navigating legal complexities is challenging for many displaced individuals. At Casa Ucrania, we provide legal guidance to empower individuals with knowledge, helping them navigate the intricate legal landscape during challenging times.


Orientation for Access to Essential Services for Immigrants & Refugee:

Navigating a new country and its services can be challenging. Casa Ucrania Foundation provides orientation and guidance to immigrants and refugees in Barcelona, ensuring they have access to essential services such as healthcare, housing, education, and employment opportunities in Ukraine. Providing basic daily essentials for Ukrainian immigrants, refugees, and temporarily displaced persons (in Barcelona and Ukraine) is crucial, along with Shelter Support.


Promoting Mental Health (Barcelona-Ukraine): 

The impact of conflicts and displacement on mental health is significant. At Casa Ucrania, we are committed to promoting mental well-being and providing psychological support to those affected. Your donation can help us offer counselling services, therapy programs, and awareness campaigns to address the mental health needs of Ukrainian families, refugees, temporarily displaced persons, and immigrants.


Repairing School Classrooms and First Aid Rooms (Ukraine):

Creating safe and conducive learning environments is vital for the well-being and development of children. Your contribution can support the renovation and improvement of school classrooms and first aid rooms in Ukraine, enhancing educational opportunities and ensuring the health and safety of students.

At Casa Ucrania Foundation, we are driven by the urgent needs of the Ukrainian population and the expression of solidarity from individuals like you. Professionals, entrepreneurs, educators, workers, and parents, all from Spain and Ukraine, have come together to establish Casa Ucrania Foundation, united in our concern for the situation and our commitment to support and collaborate.


Your contribution, no matter the size, can make a significant difference. Join us in our mission to empower Ukrainian families and create a better future. Together, we can build a more inclusive society, provide essential support, and foster the well-being of those affected by crises. Explore our website to learn more about our initiatives and how you can contribute to the projects that resonate with you.

Our activities in Ukraine and in Spain

The activities in Ukraine are focused on helping people in Ukraine who have suffered as a result of the war. Volunteers collect money and necessities, form shipments, and deliver them to military units and hospitals in Ukraine. In addition, the organization carries out volunteer visits to the frontline, where it provides support to civilians in need of assistance during this difficult time.


Since February 2022, we have provided more than €‎540k in aid to people affected by the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Each month, we collect and deliver basic supplies (primarily hygiene), and medical supplies to communal distribution points in Kyiv, Ukraine. We also send clothing and other essentials in accordance with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees guidelines.


Additionally, we run a variety of translation and transportation services to help those displaced in Ukraine and provide legal support to refugees in Spain. Through our efforts, we work to create sustainable aid solutions that can give people the opportunity to lead healthy and productive lives.

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Humanitarian Aid

In Ukraine, Casa Ucrania Foundation is actively engaged in providing essential humanitarian aid, including food, medicine, and other necessary products. 

We provide the necessary humanitarian aid

The Casa Ucrania Foundation was established by a group of activists, friends, and volunteers who have been working for several mons in various centers for internally displaced persons (IDP). Since February 2022, in the context of military action in Ukraine. Casa Ucrania Foundation in Ukraine seeks to support vulnerable and at-risk individuals and communities through the distribution of food, medicine, and vital supplies.


By visiting the Humanitarian Aid section of our website, you can learn more about the specific initiatives and projects we have undertaken to provide relief and support in Ukraine. We provide comprehensive information about our efforts to distribute food, medicine, and other essential products, ensuring transparency and accountability in our operations.

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Legal Support

At the Casa Ucrania Foundation, we help Ukrainian refugees obtain legal status in Spain so that they can live in dignity and safety.

We provide legal support for Ukrainian refugees in Spain

Legal Aid for Ukrainian Refugees in Spain helps to ensure that fragile individuals embarking upon an unfamiliar territory in a foreign language find the help they need to successfully navigate the Spanish legal system. We achieve this by providing valuable information and practical guidance.

Through partnerships with experienced lawyers and legal organizations specializing in refugee and migrant rights, Casa Ucrania Foundation is able to provide professional and reliable legal assistance. We work diligently to ensure that Ukrainian refugees receive the support they need to navigate the legal landscape, empowering them to make informed decisions and secure a better future for themselves and their families.

Visiting the Legal Support section of our website will provide you with valuable information, practical guidance, and resources on legal matters relevant to Ukrainian refugees in Spain. We strive to keep our content up-to-date and informative, equipping individuals with the knowledge they need to understand their rights and the legal processes they may encounter.

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We extend volunteering opportunities in Ukraine and Spain. Volunteering with Casa Ucrania Foundation provides a meaningful opportunity to contribute to our mission of empowering Ukrainian families and improving their quality of life.

We offer volunteering support to Ukrainian refugees

In Spain, we offer volunteering support to Ukrainian refugees residing in Catalonia and other parts of the country. In Spain, Casa Ucrania Foundation offers volunteering support to Ukrainian refugees residing in Catalonia and other parts of the country. Through various initiatives, we help Ukrainian refugees achieve integration and build a new life in Spain.

By visiting the Volunteering section of our website, you can explore the various volunteering opportunities available with Casa Ucrania Foundation. We provide comprehensive information about the projects, programs, and initiatives that volunteers can be part of, empowering you to choose an area that aligns with your skills, interests, and availability. We believe that volunteering is a mutually beneficial experience, offering personal growth, cultural exchange, and the satisfaction of making a positive impact.

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