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Transparency has always been our priority. We strive to optimize our resources as much as possible in the interests of the people of Ukraine who need them most and to ensure that all people, companies, and institutions working with us always know where their contributions are going and what achievements they are getting as a result.


Institutional and Organisational Information

The Casa Ucrania Charity and Cultural Foundation is officially registered and operates in accordance with Spanish law. In Spain, we are registered in the Registry of Foundations, with the number 3326 from May 19, 2023.


Tax Number

Official letter from the tax office on the issuance of a permanent tax number. In Spain, we are registered in the tax office with the CIF number G72981004.


Officially Registered Statutes

The text of the officially registered statutes of the foundation, stating the aims and objectives of the association.


Organisational Structure

In accordance with the statutes of the Foundation, the Standing Committee is responsible for the management of the Casa Ucrania organization.


Economic and Budgetary Information

At Casa Ucrania we are subject to controls and audits to guarantee transparency in the management of funds. Our Annual Accounts are deposited in the Protectorate of Foundations, belonging to the Ministry of Culture, and registered in the Register of Foundations, attached to the Ministry of Justice. 

How our fundation is regulated

Inside Casa Ucrania, we are governed by the Statutes, decisions made by the Standing Committee, and laws of a peremptory nature that affect it. 

In addition to the Charter, the following internal rules are binding on all employees of the organization, as well as its suppliers, sponsors, and, in some cases, volunteers. They are all designed to ensure the protection of Ukrainian refugees, the organization's staff, and the organization's compliance with the law. 

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