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As a non-profit organization committed to providing essential support to displaced persons, migrants, and refugees of Ukrainian nationality, Casa Ucrania Foundation recognizes the importance of legal assistance in ensuring the protection of basic rights. We are dedicated to empowering Ukrainian families in Spain (Catalonia), the rest of the European Union, and Ukrainian nationals facing emergency situations in Ukraine.

The conflict in Ukraine has not only highlighted the multiple needs of the population but also brought forth an inspiring expression of solidarity and an urgent call to action. Professionals, entrepreneurs, educators, workers, and parents, both from Spain and Ukraine, have united under the banner of Casa Ucrania Foundation, driven by a deep concern for the situation and a shared determination to provide support and collaboration.

Unique legal challenges 

Legal support is a vital aspect of our work at Casa Ucrania Foundation. We understand that Ukrainian refugees living in Spain face unique legal challenges and require specialized assistance to navigate complex systems.


Our dedicated team of legal professionals, volunteers, and strategic partners is committed to providing comprehensive legal support and assistance to Ukrainian individuals and families seeking refuge.

We provide crucial information for refugees

Through our Legal Support section, we aim to provide crucial information, resources, and services to Ukrainian refugees and migrants residing in Spain. We understand the importance of accessing justice, protecting rights, and ensuring fair treatment for every individual. Our legal assistance covers various areas, including immigration, asylum, family law, labor rights, and more.

At Casa Ucrania Foundation, we believe that every individual should have equal access to legal support, regardless of their circumstances. We strive to empower Ukrainian refugees by offering guidance, advice, and representation throughout legal processes, ensuring that their rights are protected and their voices are heard.

Explore our Legal Support section

At Casa Ucrania Foundation, we recognize that legal support is a fundamental pillar in enabling individuals to rebuild their lives with dignity and security. We invite you to explore our Legal Support section, take advantage of the available resources, and reach out to us if you require assistance. Together, we can navigate the legal challenges faced by Ukrainian refugees, ensuring that their rights are protected and their aspirations are realized.

Latest Legal Updates

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