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As a non-profit organization, Casa Ucrania Foundation is unwaveringly committed to creating pathways for a dignified life and providing essential support to displaced persons, migrants, and refugees of Ukrainian nationality. Our mission extends beyond borders, reaching Ukrainian families in Spain (specifically Catalonia), throughout the broader European Union, and offering aid to Ukrainian nationals facing emergencies within Ukraine.

The prevailing conflict has illuminated the diverse needs of an entire population, sparking a wave of solidarity and an urgent call to action. In response, Casa Ucrania emerged—a collective effort of professionals, entrepreneurs, educators, workers, and parents from both Spain and Ukraine. United by shared concerns about the situation, we pooled our support and collaboration to make a meaningful impact.

Guided by humanitarian principles, notably the impactful mantra #InvestInHumanity, our aim is to channel the inherent solidarity of Catalan society, the Spanish community, and the international at large. We strive to collaborate in the seamless inclusion of displaced individuals, empowering them to actively participate in the construction of a collective project. Our vision is rooted in the belief that every contribution, no matter how small, plays a vital role in building a better, more inclusive world.

Join Casa Ucrania Foundation in this transformative journey of empowerment and solidarity. Together, let's invest in humanity, support those in need, and construct a future where everyone can contribute to and benefit from a collective project.

Thank you for visiting Casa Ucrania Foundation's website. Together, let us stand with Ukrainian refugees, uplift Ukrainian families, and build a future of hope, dignity, and inclusion for all.

Our Values

We believe that each person has a role to play in building a just and compassionate society. One of our core values is Social Responsibility. We encourage individuals to take responsibility for their actions and contribute to the well-being of others, based on their unique circumstances and capabilities. In pursuing our mission and vision, Casa Ucrania Foundation upholds the following values



We believe in embracing diversity and creating spaces that welcome individuals from all walks of life. We strive to eliminate barriers and ensure equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances.


Human Dignity

We uphold the inherent worth and dignity of every person. We strive to protect and promote the rights of individuals, ensuring that they are treated with respect, fairness, and compassion.



We recognize the power of cultural exchange and seek to foster intercultural understanding and collaboration. By embracing diverse cultures, traditions, and perspectives, we promote mutual respect, empathy, and a sense of shared humanity.



We uphold the inherent worth and dignity of every person. We strive to protect and promote the rights of individuals, ensuring that they are treated with respect, fairness, and compassion.



We encourage active participation and engagement within communities. We empower individuals to become responsible citizens, working together to address social challenges and promote positive change.



We recognize the importance of sustainability in our programs and initiatives. We aim to create a lasting impact by implementing environmentally friendly practices, promoting responsible resource management, and fostering self-sufficiency among the communities we serve.

Our Mission

Our Mission

At Casa Ucrania, our mission is to facilitate the holistic development of individuals within their chosen communities, with a long-term focus on interculturality as a driving force for societal enrichment.


We strive to create an inclusive environment where people from different backgrounds can thrive and contribute to the progress and well-being of society.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to build a world where intercultural exchange and cooperation are valued, promoting harmonious coexistence and fostering respect for diverse perspectives and experiences.

Our Projects

With a strong emphasis on dignity and empowerment, Casa Ucrania Foundation offers a wide range of projects (aid programs) and services tailored to the unique needs of Ukrainian families. Through our dedicated team of professionals, volunteers, and strategic partnerships, we provide vital assistance in areas such as:

  • Humanitarian aid in Ukraine: food, medicaments, and other products for people in Ukraine;

  • Volunteering in Ukraine for people in need of help in Ukraine and in Spain for Ukrainian refugees;

  • Legal assistance to Ukrainian refugees living in Spain.

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History of Casa Ucrania Foundation NPO

Casa Ucrania Foundation was established with the vision of providing support and opportunities to Ukrainian refugees, migrants, and displaced persons. Founded in 2022, our organization has a rich history of assisting Ukrainian individuals and families who have sought refuge in Spain (Catalonia) and the rest of the European Union, as well as Ukrainian nationals facing emergency situations within Ukraine.

Over the months, Casa Ucrania Foundation has developed a comprehensive range of programs and services that address the diverse needs of Ukrainian communities. Through strategic partnerships, dedicated professionals, and a network of volunteers, we have been able to provide essential support in areas such as shelter, healthcare, education, employment, and legal assistance. We strive to empower Ukrainian families to rebuild their lives and foster their integration into their new communities.


Casa Ucrania Foundation has played a pivotal role in advocating for the rights of Ukrainian refugees and promoting intercultural exchange. By organizing cultural events and workshops, we create opportunities for Ukrainians and the wider community to learn from one another, fostering understanding and solidarity.

As Casa Ucrania Foundation looks to the future, we remain committed to our mission, guided by our core values. With unwavering dedication and the support of our partners and supporters, we will continue to make a positive impact on the lives of Ukrainian individuals and families, striving for a more inclusive and interconnected world.

Our deep commitment to our work

We are a non-profit organization committed to promoting the integral development of individuals within the communities where they choose to build their futures. Our mission is to foster interculturality, recognizing it as a catalyst for societal enrichment. At Casa Ucrania, we firmly believe in sustainability as the foundation of our programs, and we value social responsibility as a universal principle that can be embraced by individuals, considering their diverse realities and potentialities.

Casa Ucrania, also known as the Fundacio Casa Ucrania NPO, is driven by a deep commitment to improving the lives of Ukrainian people who have been forced to leave their homes due to various crises and conflicts. We recognize the challenges faced by Ukrainian refugees and understand the importance of providing comprehensive support to help them rebuild their lives and integrate into new communities.

Our holistic approach aims not only to address immediate needs but also to facilitate long-term self-sufficiency and social integration.

The Casa Ucrania Foundation understands that Ukrainian refugees require more than just material support. We believe in nurturing the potential and talents of individuals and communities, fostering resilience, and promoting cultural exchange. Through cultural events and workshops, we create spaces for social interaction and mutual understanding, strengthening the fabric of our diverse society.

Our key focus areas of activity

One of our key focus areas of activity is providing assistance to Ukrainian families residing in Spain,

particularly in Catalonia. We work closely with local communities, government agencies, and other non-profit organizations to ensure that Ukrainian refugees have access to essential services and resources. By providing information through our website and social media on housing, healthcare, education, and employment opportunities, we empower Ukrainian families to rebuild their lives and contribute positively to their new communities.

Additionally, Casa Ucrania Foundation extends its support to Ukrainian nationals facing emergency situations in Ukraine. In times of crisis, we provide humanitarian aid, medical assistance, and other necessary resources to alleviate suffering and restore hope. We collaborate with local organizations and agencies on the ground to deliver timely assistance to those most in need.

By exploring the About Us section of our website and our other sections, you will understand the depth of Casa Ucrania Foundation's commitment to the well-being and empowerment of Ukrainian refugees and families. We invite you to learn more about our initiatives, success stories, and ongoing projects. By staying informed, you can better understand the impact of our work and find opportunities to get involved and make a difference.

By supporting Casa Ucrania Foundation, you join a community of compassionate individuals who believe in creating a world where every Ukrainian person can thrive and access their fundamental rights. Your generosity enables us to continue our vital work, expanding our reach and making a lasting impact on the lives of Ukrainian refugees and their families.

Thank you for visiting Casa Ucrania Foundation's website. Together, let us stand with Ukrainian refugees, uplift Ukrainian families, and build a future of hope, dignity, and inclusion for all.

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