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Understanding the Scale of Displacement: Global Refugee Count from Ukraine is 6,475,600

Discover how Casa Ucrania is making a difference in the lives of Ukrainian refugees. Learn about our sponsorship programs, essential services, and how you can contribute to fostering hope and resilience.

Discover how Casa Ucrania is making a difference in the lives of Ukrainian refugees. Learn about our sponsorship programs, essential services, and how you can contribute to fostering hope and resilience.
Last updated 15 February 2024 - Source: UNHCR collation of statistics made available by the authorities.

The invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 triggered widespread civilian casualties and the devastation of essential infrastructure, compelling countless individuals to flee their residences in search of safety, security, and aid. Since then, millions of Ukrainian refugees have traversed borders into neighboring nations, while millions more have been internally displaced within Ukraine itself. These displaced individuals are in urgent need of protection and assistance.

In response to this humanitarian crisis, an inter-agency regional refugee response is underway, aimed at bolstering the efforts of countries hosting refugees. The Regional Refugee Response Plan unites national authorities, UN agencies, NGOs, and civil society organizations to support host governments in ensuring refugees' full access to their rights, as per international standards. Additionally, the plan prioritizes the delivery of critical protection services and humanitarian aid to those in need.

🌍 Navigating the Impact: Understanding the Scale of Displacement - Global Refugee Count from Ukraine: 6,475,600 in February 2024. Updated as of February 15, 2024 - Source: UNHCR compilation of statistics provided by authorities.

The statistics encompass data mainly sourced from governmental bodies. UNHCR employs the term "refugees" broadly for all individuals displaced from Ukraine due to the conflict. The verification methods and access levels for Ukrainian refugees vary across different countries. 

While efforts have been made to validate all statistical data, the figures are estimations, and potential future movements cannot be fully accounted for at present in all countries. Continuous triangulation of information and sources is conducted, leading to potential adjustments to figures, including retroactively.

In the context of Eurovoc identification (European Union, Thesaurus Eurovoc. Volume 2, Subject-oriented version, Publications Office, 2005), "Europe" encompasses all sub-regions, including EU and non-EU nations in Central and Eastern Europe, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, and Western Europe, along with Türkiye. Learn more about these statistics.

Casa Ukraine acknowledges the pressing demand for ongoing assistance during these trying times

Join us in reflecting on the current landscape and spreading awareness about the challenges faced by those displaced. Your support can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected. 🤝💙 

Ways to Make a Difference

Empowerment Through Sponsorship:

Discover Casa Ucrania's sponsorship initiatives designed to directly transform the lives of those affected by providing vital support and resources.

Supporting Essential Services:

Your contribution can make a significant impact by supporting critical services like counseling, psychosocial assistance, legal aid, and protection services.

Become a Source of Hope:

Whether through sponsorship or donation, your support can serve as a beacon of hope during these challenging times. Casa Ucrania Foundation is steadfast in its commitment to addressing obstacles and fostering hope, resilience, and recovery. Join us in creating a lasting positive impact on the lives affected by the conflict in Ukraine.

Stay Connected and Informed:

For the latest updates, impactful stories, and ways to get involved, visit the Casa Ucrania Foundation web section with latest news and follow us on social media. Together, let's build a future characterized by compassion and solidarity.


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