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There are 2,251 people in Ukraine who seek refuge in Spain

The Spanish government has announced plans to assist Ukrainian refugees in the coming months.

Ukraine's refugee crisis is the largest since World War II. Casa Ucrania Fundacio news in Spain

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation released a statement on Monday, July 2023, saying it had decided to offer refuge to a number of people fleeing the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

"We are aware of the humanitarian crisis taking place in Ukraine and we want to help these people," said José Manuel García-Margallo, Spain's secretary of state for foreign affairs. "This is an issue that is close to our hearts."

The Spanish government has not disclosed how many people will be allowed into the country or which regions they will come from. However, it said it would initially provide temporary accommodation for 2,000 people before moving them into longer-term housing once their status as refugees had been confirmed by UN officials based in Kyiv.


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